Spring Break or Springtime Sprint?!?!?!

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Spring Break or Springtime Sprint?!?!?!


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Q: Is DG on Spring break vacay?

A: Not quite. Maybe in late Spring aka after Mother’s Day. As the title of this weeks DG Dirt says we are Sprinting our way into Spring. We go back to back to back to back with Easter/Passover, Administrative Professional’s Day and then the Really really big show…Mother’s Day.

Q: Sounds like a hectic time of the year?

A: It is a hectic time and we love it! It is truly a team effort to get all of our flowers and greens harvested, hydrated, transported to our grading and assembly facilities, made into bouquets, packed, pre-cooled and shipped out the door in record time. Thank goodness for good old solid teamwork.

Q: Very good. Back to work then. Any pictures?

A: If you insist. Here are some of our Spring Faves...

Spring Garden Bundle mix A

Spring Garden Bundle mix B

Beach Cottage

Delightful Day

Spring Breeze