Rain, Rain…Go Away. Good Grief.

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Rain, rain…go away. Good Grief.

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Q: I take it you are tired of all the rain?

A: Yes, although we need it, we have had torrential rains this winter. According
to the Farmer's Almanac (yes, we had to check) we've had the most rain in 30
years. So far, our rain total is 15.5 inches and it is only February 22nd. We are
so ready for some nice, mild and SUNNY spring days.



Q: Spring is right around the corner. Anything we should know?

 A: You know the old saying…Yep. The nice thing about growing in California
and Mexico is the seasonality of our crops. Ok sure, MAYBE we’re a little
jealous of those growing regions that have 12 hours of day light year around,
but we love the seasonality of our crops and the ability to grow things that
Mother Nature really only approves of when the season is right for it.


Q: So what’s on tap?

A: Well let’s start with the next Major Holiday…St. Pat’s! If you don’t think that’s
a major holiday you’re not from Chicago (or Boston or ok…Ireland) Our next
major big crop (besides Ranunculus...more on that later) are our Bells of
Ireland. Bells are only available from now until April, so we make the most of
them while they are in season. We think they look great when they are paired
with our Sunflowers, but that’s just us. 



Q: Are they from Ireland? 

A: You know the old saying…Nope. Bells of Ireland don’t hail from Ireland.

They are originally from Turkey and neighboring countries and they are actually a member of the mint family.

BUT they are green and the floret is shaped like a bell so it’s the perfect name for them. 



Q: Agreed. Ok, besides in grower bunch format, how do you use them in bouquets. 

A:  Ha. You walked right into that one. Here you go...




Garden Trio’s
Sunflowers, Bell’s and Stock


Bells and Stock Duo’s


Honey Dew


Little Miss Sunshine



Pink Piper

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