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Product Seasons


A time of new beginnings. A brand new start.
The birds sing, flowers bloom, winds whip no longer.
Bright color and sunshine abounds.

It's truly out with the old and in with the new. The stark, white splendor shifts dramatically and quickly,
to youth and abundance. Wildflowers, soft pastels and bright colors that can barely contain themselves.
Everyone and everything here at Dos Gringos is bursting with excitement and color.

It is said that the Sun has certain life giving qualities. Whether it's the vitamins in its rays or the warmth it brings
to the world, it's at its best during the Summer Sunshine. Having moved past the preparation and the
growth of the Spring, the Summer is the time to shine. It's the time for life to live at its peak of existence,
living only for the moment and the brilliance of the day.

All the flowers of Summer are at the prime of life. The Dos Gringos Summer Sunshine Collections
is our best attempt at capturing the brilliance and the brightness of one of Nature's greatest, shining moments.
From the spectacular feat of Sunflowers standing just a bit taller with petals reaching just a bit further, to the vibrancy of
summer's brilliant blue delphinium, we hope you feel we are doing the Summer Sunshine justice.

It's the Autumn of the year, a time of preparation and a time for change. Animals are collecting
food for the cold coming months, and the leaves on the trees have collected enough sunlight for the year.

Autumn is a time for earthy browns and burgundies, the bright orange of pumpkin patches with the
Flaming Red of a Rustic Sunflower. It was a late harvest this year, so bright colors shown longer,
and the brilliance of the sun peaked a bit through the Autumn clouds,
but now the sun is setting on the year. All that was once new, has stood
its tallest and now has to have it's time to prepare for the circle of life to close.
It is awesome how the season shines while preparing to close.
There is a good chance that it shines, knowing that after it slumbers, the circle will continue.

It's a bit too brisk to be out on the porch with the winter winds blowing in,
but you just can't get past the peacefulness of the snow falling on the 40 acres behind the house.
Without the winds, the silence would be deafening.
Hot cocoa in hand, mittens and a hat, you brave the chill just to touch the serenity.
It's a glorious time of the year...
everything changes for a couple of weeks... the world seems kinder, the hills roll a bit
slower and the landscape makes a welcome 180 degree turn.

Flowers are blooming, but only the strong, with greens and pines at their best.
The Southern California winter is like no other. We've taken this time and have tried
to capture the best of the season. If you are in the mountains of Montana,
or the city of New York, we've got something
to help you enjoy where you are, or bring you back to where it was
that you experienced your first snowflake. Happy Holidays from Dos Gringos.