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Q: Are you bicycling now?

A: Actually, that is P E T A L, not P E D A L.
 Trust me, I don't think you want to see me in a skin-tight bike outfit!



Q: That's for sure! Tell us about how you Petal it Forward.

 A: The Society of American Florists has put together an amazing
 floral promotion and we are "on board" in our own small way. For the SAF
 promotion, in all fifty states, floral teams will take to the streets and randomly
 hand out two free bouquets. One bouquet is for the recipient to keep but the
 other is for them to "Petal it Forward" by giving it to someone else.


Q: That's cool. How does Dos Gringos Petal it Forward?

A: Besides donating flowers for the actual Petal it
 Forward Day, we Petal it Forward several times a year in a number of different ways. For many years,
 we have hosted 5 and 6-year-olds from a local school. Approximately 35
 children are given the "kid's tour" of Dos Gringos, where they are shown our
entire operation. They then make their own floral arrangement to take home,
following a Q & A session. Twice a year, we also host a group from the
university who brings Alzheimer patients. They are also given a tour and then
receive a presentation about flowers and how to make a bouquet.



Q: Do they like it?

A: They love it! Everyone goes home with a special
 arrangement of their own and a smile on their face!



Q:  Do you do anything else?

A: Of course. You know us. For the past 20 years, every Monday, Meals on
Wheels picks bouquets from us. Then volunteers deliver the bouquets to
everyone on their route who is celebrating a birthday. We also get a chance
to say thank you to those who volunteer once a week at their annual luncheon,
by honoring them with a special Thank You Bouquet.



Q: Very nice! When is the actual "Petal it Forward" Day
and how can I get more info?

A: October 24th is the day! And here's a link to a cool video that is a good reminder of why we jump out of bed everyday
 (ok most days...we're human) to bring smiles to as many people as humanly possible.



Q: That is impressive. Safe to assume you have pictures of all the above?

A: Yes, we do!



Jason greets the 5 and 6-year-olds
 as they begin their tour of Dos Gringos. 


The production staff is all smiles as the nina's and
 nino's make their way through the bouquet making area


Some future floral designers make bouquets for their family.

“Miss” Joan, who leads the tour, helps some of the new floral
designers show off the arrangements each one has made. 


Former Mayor Jim Desmond presents a birthday
bouquet to a Meals on Wheels recipient. 


 Meals on Wheels volunteers bring birthday
 wishes and a bouquet to a recipient.


The Out and About University Group are welcomed to Dos Gringos.


Big smiles as all attendees go home with their own beautiful arrangement 


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