I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.


I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.


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I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.

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Q: I take it you are getting a lot of rain?

A: We have the largest grouping of storms hitting us right now. It has
 been years since we have seen this much rain.



Q: Is that what they call an “El Nino” year? 

 A: That is what we are being told. There is a natural warming of the water in the
Pacific Ocean which generates extensive rainfall. However, we are pretty happy
about the rain although it has caused us some harvesting delays.


Q: How has the rain impacted you so far?

A: Aside from some webbed feet, here is a recap to date:

 The first weeks of the year we have experienced severe frosts at our two locations reducing our ability to harvest 100% of what we planned. The following 10 days have been cloudy and rainy slowing the daily volumes of harvestable flowers and delaying some crops entirely. 

 The below is the forecast for the next ten days and things are looking good.

 * A beautiful week of weather at our main sunflower growing location:

 * A great cool crop forecast is lined up for our Stock, Green Mist, Bells Of Ireland and Ranunculus:



Q: Wow! I feel your pain! Any pictures?

A: Sadly, yes. Some of our less attractive ones due to the freeze.  


Q: Ouch! Should we be worried about our Valentine’s day orders!?

A: Thankfully, at this point, the weather is just a momentary inconvenience
and we have enough product in the ground in diversified areas so we expect to be fine.





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