Happy Belated 4th Of July And Happy Belated Canada Day (Eh!)

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Happy Belated 4th Of July And Happy Belated Canada Day (Eh!)


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 Happy Belated 4th of July and Happy Belated Canada Day (eh!)

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Q: My, you are covering all clients, aren’t you?

A: Yes, we are. We love our Canadian clients as well as our USA clients. So, we want to wish everyone a belated,
 Happy Canada Day and a belated, Happy 4thof July! And since Joan Saunders, Jason’s right and left hands and feet
lived in Canada for many years, I thought I would ask her.



Q: Ok Joan, what the heck is Canada Day!? 

 A: Happy to answer that for you! Canada Day celebrates the
Constitutional Act of 1867 which united the 3 separate colonies into a single
 Dominion. Celebrations, like those for the 4thof July, include parades, fireworks
 and concerts which take place across Canada and in many countries where
 Canadians live abroad. By the way, Canada is made up of 10 Provinces and 3
 Territories and has a population of 37 million people. And, it is true; many
 Canadian’s do say “eh?” at the end of sentences.


Q: Ok ok ok…we get it…Thank you, Joan.

A: Designs are made, sleeves are paired up, booth schematic is arranged,
trucks are scheduled, travel arrangements are made, client meetings are
scheduled, client dinners are arranged, trade show gear is ordered (got to love
the sunflower Converse… right?) and a few other things I probably forgot.



Q: Anything else?

A: Well, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that the team “at home”
covers for us and keeps everything running smoothly, while we are away.
It’s a great team effort for sure.



Q: Do you have pictures of the booth and all?

A: I thought you’d never ask!



Annie and Jack Levin, aged 16 and 11, celebrate the 4th.
“God help us all,” says their Dad!


Our Superstar Canadian clients celebrating Canada Day in style!


Our HR Superstar (aka Team Mom) Delia with her Superstar
Business Development daughter Gabby

Our Design Superstar Robin Mooney’s kiddos enjoying a wet and wild 4th!



Superstar Jennifer Flores and family gather by the pool!


Our Front Desk Superstar Claudia and son Ethan
(7 months) snuggle up on the 4th!


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