Go Team Go Time!

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Go Team Go Time!


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Dos Gringos


Q: Are you in a Super Bowl Mode already?

A: Not yet, but we're defiantly supporting and rooting for Team Dos Gringos and Team Flower Industry! It's been all hands on deck in every department making sure every flower is grown, harvested, graded, assembled, packed and shipped out to bring smiles to our clients for that little Holiday called Valentine's day!

Q: Sounds like a ton of work and a lot of steps to make sure all goes well.

A: Definitely! And its worth every minute of it. No is our chance to live our mission on bringing smiles to millions of people. Back to work!

Production Floor

Santiago from our E-commerce department

Pascuala QC and Juana bouquet assemblers. Construction is looking great! 

Juana, bouquet assemblers grading Sunflowers to the perfect stage cut for our E-Commerce department!

Leo, QC Team member checking quality!

Thumbs up from Rafael packing coordinator, Victor Logistics and Alex in shipping.

Guadalupe, bouquet assembler is all smiles while making beautiful Sunsplash Sunflower bouquets!