Get them while they are hot!

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Get them while they are hot!


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Get them while they are hot!
Peppers and Pumpkin Trees

Q and A
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Dos Gringos



Q: Are you selling hot peppers now?

A:  Not exactly but our Ornamental Peppers and Pumpkin
Trees are definitely hot right now. 



Q: Why do you think that is? 

 A: It’s such a short 6 to 8-week season that I think consumers appreciate
the novelty of it. The colors are also right for this time
of the year. But what do I know?


Q: Tell us about growing them.

A:  I will defer once again to our trusted Master Grower,
Todd Thornton, who handles this process.

Week 39 2019 fall crop update: 

Ornamental Peppers are coloring up nicely we will be harvesting for the three
more weeks. Pumpkin tree crops this year we had high insect pressure that
unfortunately reduced our expected yields. Thankfully we plant extra…We will
be able to continue to harvest through the second or third week of October
and don’t expect any allocation/shortages to your orders.

Broomcorn is now coming in strong and will be in good supply.

Last week there was a near miss from a tropical storm passing through our late
fall and winter growing region in Mexico. It brought some badly needed rain but
thankfully it did not bring strong winds. We are just where we want to be for the
harvest timing and quality is superb. Fluctuations of weather this time of
year can bring some challenges, but we are well prepared for the season.

Other fun fall items are tinted sage, tinted eucalypts, and African Marigolds.




Here is how we “start” the Ornamental Peppers.


Here is how they look post-harvest. 


“Life-styling” with our Peppers to give them that Dos Gringos flair!



A truck load of freshly harvested Pumpkin
Trees ready to be pre-cooled, packed, and shipped.


Some fun ways to decorate with our Pumpkins and Suns

This design concept is so easy that even a Gringo could do it.


Fall is in the air.


Peppers and Pumpkins 2019. 


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