The Dirt - Pumpkin Trees!

Dos Gringos

The Dirt - Pumpkin Trees!

Fun and Funky,
Dos Gringos Pumpkin Trees!, if these are for autumn pairings,
why should I think about this now?

Thanks for asking.  It’s quite a process. 
We sow the seeds from late January (yup…starting now) through
early March in our greenhouses.  After about two months we move
the young seedlings outside of the greenhouse to get them acclimated.  
We plant them outside in 40 acres of our fields in May.  

What happens next?

We watch these plants like hawks, to keep those pesky beetles and mites from attacking and we practice weed abatement.  We even put bee hives close by to insure good pollination of the flowers.  
Sometimes we even have to rent bees...
call us crazy... I know. 


Tell me more……

Okay…after the pollination happens the flowers drop off to give way for the mini pumpkin.  
From that point we make sure they are properly hydrated. 
You all know the importance of proper hydration! 
Then the leaves begin to dry up and the mini pumpkins take on that gorgeous orange color.

Is that all?

Not quite.  Harvesting the Pumpkin Tree stems is fairly labor intensive but,
you are worth it so we go through the process.  We exfoliate and bundle them into bunches for you. 
At home, they require no care add a fun and interesting element to any fall table. 
Sadly, the season is short – from September through November and then they are gone. 
So get them while they are hot!

Contact Gabby, Rich, Jenny or Ixo and let them know you want our Pumpkin Trees
in your program for fall by January 31st, and we'll take it from there.