Extra Spiciness Is Just Weeks Away!

Dos Gringos

Extra Spiciness Is Just Weeks Away!


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Dos Gringos


Q: Is Dos Gringos making hot sauce now?

A: Great idea. I like the way you think! Not yet, but I’ve added it to our “Someday Maybe” list. We just got an update that our Ornamental peppers are on track and looking beautiful and extra spicy this year.

Q: Funny you mention spicy. We always buy them as an ornamental fresh cut flower, but can you eat them?

A: You can eat them, but they are Very Very Very Spicy! If you don’t believe me give us a call and ask a few of our team members who’ve tried them. Not a good idea. Trust me, they are not grown to be enjoyed as a Fresh Decor, Not to be eaten.

Q: Got it. How about some pictures?

A: Always. AND some fun facts for you too…..

Ornamental peppers are a short 6–8-week harvest season.

Planning and planting started back in January/February 7 months ago!

Clients love the uniqueness and bold colors that these spicy blooms add to their sunflower arrangements. Not only do the peppers add texture and curiosity, they are super long lasting. If kept in a clean water and at room temperature you can get these blooms to last 2-3 weeks.