The Dirt - Waxflower, Bells Of Ireland And The Stock Market

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The Dirt - Waxflower, Bells Of Ireland And The Stock Market



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Waxflower, Bells of Ireland and The Stock Market


Q and A
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Q: Do you have a Stock tip for us?

A: Yes, buy it. 



Q: Which one?

 A: Stock! The flower.  


Q: the crop ready? It seems earlier than normal?

A: Exactly. It’s ready and it’s early. Stock, Waxflower, and Bells have started 4 weeks earlier than normal. 


Q: Why so early?

A: Ms. Mother Nature has thrown us a little bit warmer weather than usual during the day which pushed these crops up a little earlier than normal. 



Q: Anything you want to let us know about these crops? 

A: You know me...of course. Waxflower colors that are ready now are white, pink, cream, purple, and blush. This allows us to have a really nice mix in your consumer bunch boxes and use them in some new bouquets. Stock colors that are ready come in white, pink, purple, lavender, and red. Bells of Ireland are available in… wait for it…Green!  (I know you’re surprised).   



Q: Since these crops are early will they end early?

A: Great question! For Waxflower, yes. This is a perennial and there’s only so much we can harvest off of an individual plant so, most likely, we will end 4 weeks earlier than normal. Right now we’re estimating an Early April ending. Stock and Bells are annuals so we’ll keep planting and try to keep these seasons rolling as planned. Bells should last through the end of March and Stock through mid-June (Mother Nature dependent, of course).



Q: How about some pictures?

A: Of course…Here you go. 



Our California Grown Waxflower.


Used in bouquets with Wax and Suns.


 Bells of Ireland.


Bells and Stock together.


Bells, Stock and Suns.


Wax, Bells and Stock.  





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