The Dirt - Save Me Some $$$ On Freight And Labor Will You!?

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The Dirt - Save Me Some $$$ On Freight And Labor Will You!?


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Save me some $$$ on freight and labor will you!?

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Q: Ok, tell me more. How is Dos Gringos going to save me money?


A:  As we prep for summer plantings, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t
remind you of our instant impact disposable displays.


Q: Thanks for the reminder, but how does that save me money? 

 A:  Three ways... 

1: We can fit 15% more per pallet position and truck load than shipping in regular boxes.
2: We reduce the amount of cardboard needed per pallet position.
3: These display shippers are real labor savers.   

Q: Where does the labor-savings come from?

A: I’ll break it down for you…
 How it works:
1: Place shipper in high traffic area
2: Remove the box lid and set aside to re-use
3: Remove buckets of flowers from the box
4: Place lid back on the empty box
5: Insert buckets of flowers into the pre-cut bucket lid holes
6: And Boom!  Instant Impact Display!

Q: Again with the Boom? Ok, how do they create an
instant impact and drive impulse sales?

A: Take a peak at these pictures and tell me you wouldn’t buy a bunch of
sunflowers if you were in your store? They scream “buy me and I will brighten
your mood AND decorate your home.” 



Double Bucket Display or Instant Impact Display


Half Pallet with cool, new graphics 


Half Pallet filled with Suns


Half Pallets with Mixed Bouquets 


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