The Dirt - Pumpkin Trees For Valentine’s Day? What?

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The Dirt - Pumpkin Trees For Valentine’s Day? What?


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Pumpkin Trees for Valentine’s Day? What?

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Q: Are you harvesting Pumpkin Trees for Valentine’s Day?

 A: Nope! BUT it’s time to start preparing the ground and getting your numbers. 


Q:  Remind me again. Why so early?

 A: This is a six month crop, from seed, to plug, to transplant, to growth, to harvest.
A late February / early March planting ensures a post Labor Day start date.  

Q: Got it. We will get you our numbers, but don’t bug me until after Valentine’s Day. Sound fair?

A: More Than Fair! Can we see some pictures of the process
and the finished product so we can get our stores excited?

Q: Of course…AND, most importantly, good luck with Valentine’s Day!  


Pumpkin Trees start as seedlings inside the greenhouse


Two months later we move them to the field


It’s harvest time!  Six Months later!


Some beautiful examples of Pumpkin Trees in bouquets 


and as stand-alone items 



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