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Irish Fraud Alert!

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Q: What are you talking about?


A: We have some intel for you regarding Bells of Ireland and this is NOT fake news.
We have to confess that Bells of Ireland are not Irish.


Q: Is that some kind of blarney?

 A:  No, it’s the truth. We harvest thousands of Bells of Ireland this time of year
and they look amazing in our arrangements however they originated in Turkey
and Syria and date back to the 1500’s. 

Q: Well that’s a fascinating fact. What else should we know about them?

A: Bells are part of the mint family which is why they have have a nice and mild
aroma. They were given their common name because of their bright, green
color and due to the fact that the calyces resemble bells. 


Q:  Is there anything at all Irish about them?


A: There actually is…The Luck of the Irish! Bells of Ireland are said to provide
good luck to anyone who receives them.
 So we have tribal knowledge under our belts that dates back to 1988.


Q: Is that really true?

 A:  I have know idea, but I like the idea of it!

Q: Ha. Ok. Well thanks for coming clean about the origin at least.
Do you have any availability left this season?

A: We do but the quantity is starting to get limited. We’ve added them to
bouquet recipes for March to spread the luck around. See below…

Q: Why so many and what are you trying to improve?

A: We’re trying to improve vase life, resistance to pest and disease, speed
in which we can grow them, and color. Take a look at some
of the new varieties in testing…



Luck of the Irish


Spring Green


Golden Green


St. Patty’s Petite


Greenie Boo Petite


Irish Spring Mason Jar    


Lemon Lime Mason Jar


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