Do Your Customers Suffer From Anthophobia?

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Do Your Customers Suffer From Anthophobia?


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Dos Gringos would like to help those with Anthophobia

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Q: Come on now…what is Anthophobia?

A:  It is an affliction that 99 of 100 people who
walk through your grocery store door suffer from.



Q:  Please explain!

 A: Athophobia is an extreme fear of flowers. The word is derived from two
Greek words – Anthos meaning flowers and phobos meaning
deep fear. Symptoms include a racing heart, sweaty palms, rapid breathing and
missing out on one of the greatest cheap thrills in everyday life. 


Q: Are you serious? Is this for real? 

A: It's definitely a real phobia and I’m guessing that 99 of a 100 of your
customers don’t really suffer from it. My guess is that they fear flowers because
they don’t really know what to do with them when they get them home. Or they
don’t realize that for under $10 (or even $5.00) a week they can easily decorate
a part of their home and brighten their mood.  



Q: And what do you propose to do about it Dr. Gringo? 

A: Educate the public and spread the word to one person at a time. We will also
continue to work on innovative flowers and designs that as we say are “easy
from cart, to car, to counter.” 



Q: That makes sense and for those who actually
suffer from this phobia, is there real help?

A: There is real help. Professionals who help anthophobics state that gradual
exposure to one flower at a time is one way to begin to alleviate the
condition. We think that is a perfect way to start! 



Q: Any closing thoughts?

A: We do not want to make light of what must be an unpleasant phobia, but we
love flowers and we want everyone to have them be part of their everyday life.
We think that we have an amazing opportunity in front of us if as an industry we
can just get that affliction down to 98 of 100! We are ready to do our part. 



Here are some possible cures for this horrible phobia…



Sunflowers in a Box:
Easy from Grocery Cart, to Back Seat of the Car to Kitchen Counter.
Don’t be afraid. You can’t screw this up. 


Just grab and go they don't bite!


Our Flame Bouquet: Stick in Water and Walk Away.


Our Vibrant bouquet is a real smile bringer.

P.S. If you don’t smile when you see
this then you definitely have Anthophobia.


Can those be White Sunflowers in a Mason Jar? 


A Mason Jar: Easy from Grocery Cart to Car
Up Holder to No longer bad smelly bathroom.



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