Daffodils are on the way!

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Daffodils are on the way!


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Q: What's the scoop on Daffodils this season!?

A: We are right on track and plan to start harvesting the first crop of small numbers next week and we should be ready for prime time by the first week of March.

Q: Did the weather up north affect your crops?

A: We had a bit of flooding and snow in December but the team says we're back on track to have a really nice season. We lost a little, but it could have been a lot worse.

Q: That's really good news. Daffodils are a staple for the Spring Season. Anything else?

A: They are a staple for us too. Here are some pictures of our crops and a couple fun Daffodil Facts.

Morning fog and the rich soil is a Daffodils dream growing condition.

A dose of afternoon Sunshine

Daffodils in bud stage ready for shipping

Cheerful Bloooooooming Beauties!!!