Celebrating and Appreciating an Important Teammate!

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Celebrating and Appreciating an Important Teammate!


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Our Team Mom Delia Mercado celebrates 17 years at Dos Gringos.

Q: Who is this important team member you speak of?

A: The One and Only Delia Mercado. Delia celebrated her 17 year anniversary last week and we thought it was only fitting that we feature her in this week’s edition.

Q: Wow. 17 years? How could someone possibly put up with you for that long!?

A: It’s a very valid question. It definitely takes a special person and that’s exactly what Delia is to me and Dos Gringos.

Q: What’s her role on the team?

A: We call Delia our Team Mom because she always has our backs and makes sure everyone is happy and healthy day in and day out.

Q: So what is her official title?

A: Team Mom! Delia is in charge of everything Human Resources related. That includes overseeing hiring, team morale, payroll, and 1,000 other things.

Q: Sounds like she has a big job?

A: She has a very big job and she does it with lots of enthusiasm and always with a smile. I don’t know what we would do without her.

Q: I’m guessing over 17 years that you’ve accumulated a few pictures?

A: You know it. Here you go!

Delia receiving her 15 year award from Jason in 2019. (I know, I know. We don't have a year 17 picture!)

Stephanie Estrada (Del's right and left hand) and Delia at a Dos Gringos Ugly Sweater Party 2018.

There's always time for fun! Robin, Delia, and Jason at a Dos Gringos Town Hall in 2016.

Jason and Delia at a Dos Gringos Town Hall meeting in 2014. (Jason, you look so young. What happened!?)

Delia along with the Dg team members supporting Chelsea's Run and handling out sunflowers at the finish line in 2013.

Delia and Gabby (Del's Daughter and also a great Team Member) at the Dg Holiday celebration in 2011.