Bring The Sunshine In ! 🌞

Dos Gringos

Bring The Sunshine In ! 🌞


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Q and A
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Dos Gringos


Q: What's looking good in Gringoville this week?

A: SUNFLOWERS of course! Shocking I know that we would suggest some additional indoor Summer Sunshine in The Summer.

Q: Well I'm not shocked at all and you've got a point. As long as it's sunny outside why not make it sunny inside?

A: We couldn't agree more.

Q:Do you have availability? What varieties are you harvesting?

A:It just so happens that we have a bumper crop right now and are harvesting almost all of our varieties. Here's a peek.

Marley Sun, Dark Center Sun, Sunbeam & Color enhanced Orange and Red Sunbeam

Sunbeam Sunflowers

Sweet Marley is pastel yellow on the edges of the petals with a dusty mauve brown center

Dark Center Sunflower

Lemon Sunflower have are a pastel yellow with a dark center

Orange and Red Color Enhanced Sunbeam Bright and Bold Summer beauties