Appreciating an Important Team Member 🌻

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Appreciating an Important Team Member 🌻


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Q: Who is this important team member you speak of?

A: The one and only Jenny Butterfass! Jenny recently celebrated her 19th year with Dos Gringos.

Q: Wow 19 years? Ho could someone possibly put up with you that long?!

A: Haha and So true! It defiantly takes a very special, fun, hardworking, creative, patient person to be a team member at Dos Gringos. Jenny is just that.

Q: What are some of your favorite Jenny memories over the last 19 years?

A: My favorite memory is how we hired her. She showed up in our lobby 19 years ago asking to talk to me. I met with her, and she told me that she was moving to San Diego from Sacramento. She said she was working for a wholesaler in Sacramento, and she knew all of the San Diego flower growers. She said she had narrowed down her choice to Dos Gringos. She then told me that without question I should hire her.

Q: Wow. That's pretty bold.

A: I’ll say. However, she said it with such a humble smile packed with confidence that I couldn’t say no. So, I told our sales manager that I wanted him to interview her and put her though the hiring process.

Q: And...

A: She passed with flying colors, started the following week and 19 years later she’s still here bringing smiles to our clients and her fellow teammates.

Jenny and her pup Bodie, take a quick selfie on a walk in her Hometown of Tahoe

Jenny setting up our tradeshow booth at Super floral in 2008

Jen, Robin, Jenny and Gabby at Dos Gringos Headquarters in Vista, CA.

Jenny, Jason and Robin at a Client Masquerade Party in 2017

Jenny, Jen, Jason, Gabby and Robin at PMA 2018. Go Team Sunflower!