Administrative Professionals Day…Week…Year!

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Administrative Professionals Day…Week…Year!


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Administrative Professionals Day…Week…Year!

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Q: Is this your topic this week?

A:  It sure is. It seems like a fitting topic on Administrative Professionals Week!



Q: Sounds good. Any idea how this
name got changed from Secretaries Day?

 A: Here’s what we found out when we looked into that question. As we all know
 Administrative Professionals used to be called “Secretaries.” When this
 profession originated is not known for sure however, it is known that the
 position of Secretary dates back to the Roman Empire. The word “secretary” is
 derived from the same Latin word that gave us the word “secret.” 


Q: So, they were in charge of keeping secrets? 

A: Ha. No. A little more than that. A King or Queen in the Roman Empire would
have trusted his or her Secretary to handle all correspondence and many
private or secret matters pertaining to the workings of their empire. In the
beginning, these positions were held by men. With the industrial revolution,
things began to change, and, over time, more and more women entered the
workforce and began taking over.   



Q: Why did the name get changed? 


A: During the Technology Revolution the job of a Secretary changed
dramatically. This position within a company became much more that just
handling correspondence. And I could not agree more! Here at Dos Gringos our
team of Administrative Professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep
Dos Gringos growing. If it wasn’t for this group of individuals we would not be
able to give our clients the quality and service that they deserve.



Q: Got it. Anything else?

A: We want to say a huge “thank you” to those team members who support us,
keep us on track and generally make our work lives so much better! 



Here are a few picture of our “behind the scenes”
team and our celebration of them on this past Wednesday…

Our awesome Administrative Professionals teammates!


Celebrating the team with breakfast and flowers of course!






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